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Deploydo: Einfaches Verteilen von Webprojekten auf mehrere Server wird zum Kinderspiel
Das Start up Deploydo ist ein neuer webbasierter Dienst aus Köln, der das Verteilen und Aktualisieren von Webprojekten auf Server vereinfacht. Um das zu ermöglichen, stellt man eine Verbindung zwischen Produktservern und Versions¬kontroll¬diensten (bspw. Github oder Bitbucket) her und überträgt die Änderungen an Dateien. Das spart nicht nur Zeit, sondern auch Traffic. Deploydo ist seit Dezember 2012 in die offene Betaphase.

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4 Bewertungen (Durchschnitt: 8.3 von 10)


Note that I have followed SynapseLife ever since it was initially announced earlier this year. When it finally launched the first week of October 2006, I was anxious to see if it came close to its earlier promises and performed an extensive review of the product.

It has an excellent GUI that is both pleasing and easy to use. Being a beta issue I expected to find bugs throughout the application, but was pleasantly surprised with how well it performs all functions.

Since I have a fair level of knowledge with similar applications, I found it very easy to navigate through and each application/module worked as it should, while often surprising me by providing with more functionality in a more intuitive way than I expected. Their professional roots are clearly reflected in a superb public product.

I have found that they are extending effort to add tutorial-type information for less experienced users on an ongoing basis. This is just further proof of their professional dedication toward their free but powerful SynapseLife product.

I am also impressed by how quick they respond to productive feedback. When I left feedback suggesting enhancements I would like to see in the SynapseLife application, the next time I log in it is usually available. They are very professional in their communication to their public and support their customers very well (if being a free product we can actually be termed as “customers.”

I will be using SynapseLife as my main data reservoir from now on, for it currently satisfies my needs, and I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the new enhancements and functionality they will be adding as the product evolves.

And as they have advertised… SynapseLife has become my “Home Page!” The Start of a Long and Lasting Relationship!

Sam Inspireus

Sam Inspireus
15. Oktober 2006 um 18:54 Uhr